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For the first time these titles are digitally restored using professional equipment before being transferred to dvd and are being made available for sale at very reasonable prices.
Main focus is on the 80s and 90s era, but you will also find lots of 00s and 10s available here as well.

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01-12: Hackney, Reading, Somerset
26-11: Cine Film, Exeter, Reading, Rider Specials, Somerset
17-11: Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Oxford, Reading, Rider Specials, Swindon
08-11: Belle Vue, Rider Specials, Swindon, Wolverhampton

* Great 1970s racing from ITV now available! See Hull & Wembley pages or box photos below*

Classic Speedway Videos will be at the Celebration of Speedway at Paradise Wildlife Park, 17th Feb 2024

Ideal Christmas presents:

Nicki Pedersen - a Diamond in the (B)rough
A look back on Nicki's sensational first season at Brough Park.

Nicki Pedersen - a Diamond in the (B)rough

£14.99 inc. postage

Fall of the Kings
- final few copies are in stock.

Fall of the Kings

£19.99 inc. postage

Per Jonsson
- the Benefit Video.

£9.99 + p&p

Shawn Moran
- Special! - Best of 1990

Shawn Moran

£9.99 + p&p


Arena Essex
Belle Vue Aces
Buxton Hitmen
Cradley Heath
Ellesmere Port
Glasgow Tigers
Isle of Wight Islanders
King's Lynn
Long Eaton
Milton Keynes
Newcastle Diamonds
Plymouth Speedway
Redcar Bears
Rye House
Scunthorpe Saints
Skegness Braves
Somerset Rebels
Trelawny Tigers
White City


Crashes & Compilations
Cine Film
SGP-SWC-SON series
Ice Speedway
Meeting Specials
Overseas section
Rider Specials
World Finals


Special Grasstrack Events
Grasstrack Club Meetings
Youth Grasstrack meetings


Aces of Yesteryear

Aces of Yesteryear
6 dvd box set

Ace of Aces 1991

Ace of Aces

Ace of Aces 1993

Ace of Aces
1993 (double dvd)

Ace of Aces 1997

Ace of Aces
Farewell 1997 (double dvd)

Anything can Happen on the Night

Anything can Happen
on the Night
6 dvd box set

Ben Barker

Ben Barker
From Pitbull to Superstar

Ben Fund Bonanza 2014

Ben Fund Bonanza
Leicester 2014

Kirky Lane 88-97

The Best of Kirky Lane
Belle Vue 1988-1997

Showtime Bobby Ott Best of 1994

Bobby Ott
Best of 1994

Bradford Review 1990

Bradford Dukes
Highlights 1990

Bradford Review 1991

Bradford Dukes
Highlights 1991

Bradford Review 1992

Bradford Dukes
Highlights 1992

British Youth Chmps.
Plymouth 2011

Carl's Big Special

Carl's Big Special
Stonehewer Testimonial


Champions of the 1980s
World Final highlights

Classic Speedway of the 1970s

 Classic Speedway of the 1970s

The Collins Boys

The Collins Boys

The Dream is Alive! Gary Havelock

The Dream is Alive!
Gary Havelock 1992

Erik Gundersen The Farewell

Erik Gundersen
The Farewell to Britain

Erik Gundersen Testimonial

Erik Gundersen
Testimonial 1988

Fall of the Kings

Fall of the Kings
cinema release

Golden Hammer

Golden Hammer
6 disc box set

Dedication the name of the game

Hans Nielsen
Dedication, Name of the Game

Henka Gustafsson 1993

Henka Gustafsson
Best of 1993

History of Belle Vue Zoo

History of Belle Vue
Zoological Gardens
3 disc set

The History of Speedway

The History of Speedway

5 dvd box set

History of Speedway Quiz

History of Speedway

The Quiz

Hyde Road RAW

Hyde Road RAW
(disc in sleeve)
John Heavyside captures the last night at Hyde Road in 1987

Jan O Pedersen the Science behind the Smile

  Jan O Pedersen
The Science Behing the Smile

Jan Staechmann Slideshow

  Jan Stæchmann

Jason Lyons - Mildura Ace

Jason Lyons
Mildura Ace

Jeremy Doncaster Testimonial Year

Jeremy Doncaster
Testimonial Year

Mark Loram Best of 1994

Mark Loram
The Best of 1994

Mark Lemon Testimonial

Nicki Pedersen - a Diamond in the (B)rough

Nicki Pedersen
- a Diamond in the (B)rough

Per Jonsson Benefit Video

Per Jonsson
Benefit Video

Peter Collins - My Greatest year

Peter Collins
'76 My Greatest Year

Peter Collins - My Story

Peter Collins
My Story

Peter Karlsson

Peter Karlsson
Best of 1993 & 1995

Phil Morris 2005

Phil Morris
Diamond 2005

PL 4TT Finals 2005

PL 4TT Finals
Workington 2005

Rick Miller Testimonial

Rick Miller
Testimonial 1992 (double dvd)

Roman Matousek
The best of Roman!

Rocket Ronnie 1996

Rocket Ronnie Correy
Best of 1996

Ronnie Correy - Best of 1993

Ronnie Correy
Best of 1993

Sam Ermolenko Against All Odds

Sam Ermolenko
Against All Odds

Sam Ermolenko the Race to the Top

Sam Ermolenko
The Race to the Top

Sam Ermolenko the Best of 1994

Sam Ermolenko
Best of 1994

Shane Parker Farewell

Shane Parker
Farewell 2012 (double dvd)

Sheffield Review 1993

Sheffield Tigers
1993 Highlights

Simon Wigg - Wheels of Fortune

Simon Wigg
Wheels of Fortune

Stars & Bikes
Speedway USA

Telford box set

6 disc box set

Thrills & Spills

Thrills & Spills
7 dvd box set

Todd WIltshire 1990

Todd Wiltshire
1990 Video Profile

Tommy Knudsen Testimonial

Tommy Knudsen
Testimonial 1988

England v Sweden

England v Sweden

Dons 1989

Wimbledon Dons
1989 Highlights

Wimbledon Dons
1990 Highlights

Wimbledon 1991

Wimbledon Dons
1991 Highlights

How the League was Won

Wolverhampton Wolves
How the League was Won

Wolverhampton 1999 Highlights

Wolverhampton Wolves
Season Highlights 1999

Wolverhampton Wolves 2003

Wolverhampton Wolves
Season Highlights 2003

Comets 2005

Workington Comets
2005 Highlights (double)

World Final 1972

World Final 1972
ITV Production

World Final 1981

World Final 1981
The Last Wembley Final

World Final 1990

World Final 1990
The last Bradford Final

World Team Cup 1973

World Team Cup 1973
ITV Production

World Team Cup Bradford 1989

World Team Cup
Bradford 1989


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The website is sorted by track, so please use the buttons above to navigate.
Currently over 9500 titles available and counting! Dozens of tracks featured both in the UK but also Internationally with for example all World Finals of the 80s having been filmed by KM Video.

The main focus of this website is the British League.
However - the two bottom sections of links are dedicated to everything non-league related, including Grass Track meetings, Indoor meetings, Sidecars, Ice racing etc. etc.

Rider related Benefits, Farewells, Memorials and Testimonials are listed on both the specific track's page and on the RIDER SPECIALS page.
Big open meetings plus various league and cup finals etc. are on both the specific track's page and on MEETING SPECIALS page

Grasstrack is divided into 3 sections: Special Events (Like Ace of Aces), Club Meetings, and Youth meetings.

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Box sets and boxed titles are individually priced.
*NB All discs are transfers of the original production, i.e. it is not possible to pick any 2 meetings and ask for them on one disc.

Discounts are offered on orders of 10 discs or more. Please enquire about details.

All discs will be supplied in a plain cd sleeve, to keep prices as low as possible, and in most cases are sent out within 48 hours of ordering. I will contact you in case there is a delay with your order.
orders are welcome, please email to enquire about postage costs before placing an order.

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The small print:

  • Please keep in mind that in many cases the originating footage is 35-40 years old, all recorded on analog magnetic storage, long before digital video became the norm.
  • Converting the literally hundreds of masters is an ongoing process and, as you can imagine, very time consuming so please check back often as new titles are added on a weekly basis.
  • All customers will receive our periodic news emails, so you don't miss any important news regarding the collections.
    Don't worry - emails are on average monthly at most, and it is very easy to unsubscribe if you don't want to receive them.
  • Although every care has been taken during the transfer to dvd, the odd VHS flicker cannot be avoided.
  • Only hi-grade Verbatim and Taiyo-Yuden dvd-r media is used.
  • Due to the nature of the product, refunds can not be given, although faulty discs will be replaced.

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